On the front page of my website, it reads “Regina M. Sewell Healing Arts is a multi-sensory experience of spiritual arts practices, energy guidance, and creative life navigation.” I’m particularly focusing on the word “experience”. Why experience? Yes, my practice is a life coaching practice that focuses on spiritual and personal development for women. And, I utilize my training in counseling, coaching and my professional experience as an educator and advisor to help facilitate growth and change with individuals. However, I choose the word experience with great intention because it is exactly the contact, interaction, observation and awareness of the process of being, doing, and seeing things and having things happen to you (all definitions of experience) that differentiates coaching with me. We’ve all wanted to have certain experiences in life such as our first kiss, visiting another country, getting married or whatever it may be. These are experiences that mark time and growth in our lives, they provide a relief from the day to day routine,  allow us to come into contact with another aspect of ourselves, and to enjoy the fruits of our labor as ways of enhancing our lives.


A beautiful vacation experience to the Sedona Red Rocks that I took in 2010

The beauty of coaching as an experience is that it marks time and growth in a person’s life where they experience themselves. The person comes into contact with themselves on a deeply personal, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. It is an experience of bravery, sheer will, and desire for the full experience of one’s life and what it means to truly live. It provides the freedom to me as the coach to create a personalized coaching program for each individual that is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely (S.M.A.R.T. acronym for all you coaches and counselors) while infusing intuitive guidance as appropriate for each client.

I use the word coach because as a certified professional life coach I am a part of this industry which offers me the freedom and structure to facilitate change synthesizing my gifts in intuitive guidance with my professional background. I get to participate in the experience of being present and holding sacred space for someone who has decided they want to be vulnerable and open themselves to a greater awareness of who they are and trust me as their guide.


The pleasure in the experience is observing the growth and the enormous light of awareness of a person’s own importance that happens during the experience. It is an honor to work with people in such a way that their lives are never the same and that each person develops tools and resources for their creative life’s journey that they can return to again and again.

How do you experience life? What would the experience of coaching create for your life? Leave your comments below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Regina M. Sewell