I’ve wrestled with the sustainability of an endeavor such as working in the counseling, coaching, and healing worlds. Voices and messages regarding this work often sound similar and engage similar clientele. I wrote about this to a friend in a previous blog and that this work has never been to create something new or more different than the next person. For me, it was always a call or pull to be creative and inspire. To motivate and enhance life and to do it the way that I do it. There is a need for someone who looks like me and share similar experiences in life to show up in these spaces where women see themselves in my journey. And, for what may have been difficult transitions for me, have inspired others to embrace the fullness of who they are. That alone is enough even if I didn’t have five whys.

I’ve listed below My Five Whys I Created a Healing Arts Business. And trust, I used my spiritual practice and creative tools to fully express the depth of my work.

My Five Whys

I help women create spiritual life practices that inspire joy and sustain well-being so they can live free.

As a coach, I call myself a Creative Life Navigator because I have experienced success integrating and translating my life experiences, my life story, and spiritual practice into a tangible, sustainable, creative and sacred space for healing.  When you say yes to yourself and come into alignment with your own desires and seeing them come to fruition and you’re ready for the accountability and fire that comes with Creative Life Navigation with me, here’s what you will experience.

  • Trust – My work is powerful, deep, fearless, and full of emotion and creativity. I create a safe and sacred space of healing and inspire courage to go beyond limiting beliefs and to trust your inner guidance.
  • Aspiration – Giving your life back, your freedom to live and give from your gifts. I help you live powerfully, boldly, and confidently by standing in your truth and in your power. You become a spiritual warrior of peace in your life and in the environments in which you are connected. Creating practices that shut down the lizard brain of fear and lack and opening to a mindset of abundance. Because you deserve it!
  • Synergy – I don’t want anything I or you have been given as a gift to go to our graves. It is important to me that you tell your story. Purge, journey, travel and navigate your life with the inner and outer resources you have available to you. I integrate the healing energy practice of Reiki, intuitive guidance, and personalized affirmations and meditations that are practical in application and fun and directly related to your life and desires. I empower you to use your integrative resources to liberate your true self.
  • Harvesting – In partnership as your coach, I assist you in creating the life practices that inspire, build sustenance and direct your path. You will learn about your own patterns of behavior so you can finish what you start.
  • Love – My ultimate why is love. Working with me, you will love your life more and begin to see the oneness in all of who you are and what you do. You will embrace change, obstacles, challenges with full awareness and acceptance. You embrace the sweet, the bitter, the joy, the pain as all par for our course here on earth and that it is all good.


What are you doing to create the life you desire that will sustain you and your environment, your family? What are your “whys” for doing so? Place your comments below, I would love to hear from you. Reach out to me for more information and assistance on your journey.

Peace.    Remember…LivFree!