What We Already Know: The Prescribed Path vs. The Created Path

August 26, 2016 – From a Conversation with a Friend

Today, while sitting with my friend, Spirit showed Itself in a major way. And really, I showed up. My friend and I realized how much success we have had on a prescribed plan and path for our lives; the education we were encouraged to obtain and the careers we were encouraged to pursue for our survival and sustainability. Although the path was prescribed and planned, there has been no true sense or experience of joy for my life on someone else’s plan. I’ve always aspired to create a path and plan for my life and have grown bored, and unfulfilled on the one I have been on that was intended for my success. Success, yes, I have accomplished it on this prescription. I mastered the exams, the tests, the unforeseen circumstances and jobs that required me to complete things I had no idea what to do. I learned. I accomplished. I saw. I did what was required. Success, but no joy.

So why is it when it comes to my true joy of living and giving from my gifts do I hesitate and think that I could not be successful? What is it about what I really want to do with my life that makes my dreams and desires seem so far away? Like unaccomplishable? The Journey to Joy is a vulnerable one, an unchartered one, a journey with no path only the one I create. It could be lonely. Unfamiliar. Isolating. No money if no plan, right?

Haven’t I proven my success at creating the known out of the unknown? Yes. Haven’t I accomplished other people’s dreams even when I didn’t want the dreams myself? Yes. I navigated the terrain with veracity and tenacity. All of these qualities along the prescribed path. But I didn’t need the prescription for a cold or illness that I didn’t have.

In other words, when the problem/challenge was presented, I mastered it without hesitation. Without doubt. Someone else’s path and plan, I succeeded and wrote the book about it to leave a trail for the next one who looks like me to use. Why not my joy? My desire to integrate, create and inspire others to joy is no different. I’ve been writing my way to it all along. It is as Indie Arie said, “Strength, Courage, and Wisdom…it’s been inside of me all along.” For this journey to joy, I have and Am everything I need to succeed. I’ve written my way to it for years. I have created pathways out of no ways for years. I’ve shown others how to create their paths as well. So, what excuse do I have now? None.

Step out on Faith, Show Your Face!

Peace for the Journey! – Regina

I’m all In! Powering through with fist in the air, burning and blazing a new trail that ignites the fire in those who dare to trod The Created Way.

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