(The Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. She was the patron of Physicians and Healers and her priests became known as skilled doctors. Sometimes called the “lady of terror” was also known as “lady of life”. A creative and destructive force, but above all, she is the protector of Ma’at (balance or justice).)


The Fire of Compassion

Compassion is often meshed with kindness, service, and a loving heart and spirit towards others. It is that and it is the kindness, service, and loving heart you show yourself. It is the purest and rawest expression of love and kindness that sometimes show up as anger and fear. At the top of a new year, we move into a month where we’ll see our next president inaugurated. Lots of ill feelings around his election and his subsequent presidency and what impact this will have on our country, our world.

During this time, it is more important than ever to be passionate towards myself. Giving myself time and permission to express anger and frustration in constructive ways. I will never be the one to say let’s do away with anger. Anger is a powerful emotion, fueled by fear and lack and full of wisdom and intelligence. The image of Quan Yin and compassion is touted more so than the fire-branding warrior featured in this blog. Warriors have the heart of compassion. They direct their passion towards fighting the good fight. They’re focused, determined to accomplish knowing if they don’t go into the fight prepared they may lose their sense of peace, kindness, joy, and loving heart. Their fire and anger fuels their love, focuses their energy on stabilizing their lives and the lives of others. They show up! If they do not, all else fails.

Being a feeler and a child of joy and emotional expression, it is very easy for me to let this anger build up. To not let it go and to not focus it and have compassion towards myself. I know in my experience, when I don’t express myself and direct this energy; it explodes at inopportune times. It hinders relationships and keeps my mind in a dungeon of despair and hopelessness. Ahhh, but the warrior is intensely brave, intelligent to prepare for the emotional ride. Do not mistake what you see or interpret as brute force. The face of this warrior (me) is taking a stand and showing up so that I can maintain my peace.

I show up for those who trust me to help them; to help them navigate their own fears and limiting beliefs. I do my own spiritual inner work (meditation, energy healing, movement and creativity) to recharge and refuel. I speak up for myself more and say what I want. Where I used to have fear in speaking up, I realize when I don’t, I give others permission to speak for me. And that’s never been good and has never yielded the outcome I’ve wanted. Then, I complain.

In this year of good fortune and high expectations, of fire and desire, where are you standing up for yourself? How are using your fire, intensity, passion to create the life and world you want to see? It is easy to complain and be angry at our outside circumstance with the upcoming presidency. I just refuse to give up what is still mine, my power, my self-determination, my truth. I refuse to believe that my world and life will be a disaster because of a particular person or persons who don’t favor me or favor what I do. I shall not be moved.

What are you creating in the world that will be different this year and benefit someone else? If you hadn’t thought of upleveling and putting your goals into action, there’s no time like the present. Where do your talents and gifts fill a need? Find the space and fill it! Be bold! Be angry! Then direct this anger into fiery compassion for yourself so your light does not flicker out. There’s a lot of wisdom in this moment if we choose to capture it.

Peace for the Journey…