Regina M. Sewell

About 12 years ago, when I turned 30, I set out on a journey. It was a journey to myself in finding the real me. For years I read self-help, personal development books, autobiographies of people who had experienced major obstacles and tragedies in their lives and came out on top. I always saw me in the world as a free spirited, change agent using my creative and motivational abilities to inspire others to dream and to live their dreams. From my own journey of healing from significant deaths and tragedies in my life to my own spiritual transition, my gifts have made room for me to support you on your journey from transition to transformation.

These events and my own spiritual awakening brought me to a place of healing, spiritual evolution, and creative freedom. My work is inclusive, integrative of my experience as a counselor, advisor, creative artist, and spiritual and intuitive guide to help support others as they find their joy of living. When I embraced all that my life had shown me, I found me. I discovered a well of resources in me that have been here all along.

This sacred work is so important at this time on the planet. More now than ever, I believe, we need the change agents. Those whose life work goes against the grain, doesn’t conform and is founded in some meaningful and purposeful living and spiritual grounding in a practice of peace and joy. It is the embracing of all of our gifts and harnessing their power to share with the world so that the change we want to see can come to pass. Transformational and intuitive life coaching, energy healing are ways of developing your own gifts and practices for renewal, transition, and evolution of your life.

Life Coach

Life Coaching is a partnership between you (the client) and me as your coach where you are at the center of the relationship. It is based on an understanding that I am here to empower and inspire you to take action in your life now. Clients come to a coaching session with particular concerns. Some of which include the following:

Lack of passion towards life; feeling hopeless about your dreams and goals
Having no defined goals or objectives for life, feeling your life has no purpose
Creating a balance of life; self-care
Transitioning through life challenges (work-related, personal, death, illness)
Holistic life practices that attend to the mind, body, and spirit.

I help you get clear on your goals and aspirations and how to put feet to the ground and move on what you want in order to bring your goals to life.

Empath      Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.26.31 AM

As an empath who is highly sensitive to emotions and always listening for that still small voice (intuition), I support others in nurturing their gifts. I’ve been told I assist others to feel emotions they haven’t allowed themselves to feel in depth because it can be emotionally draining and painful. I create a safe and sacred space for you to feel and to learn how to embrace your experiences and use them to move forward and to be proactive on your goals. I support you in learning to trust your intuition and to live from it.

Energy Healer

I have studied and practiced energy healing using a traditional Japanese energy system called Reiki. It is an intent based system where I facilitate life force energy (“Chi” or “Ki”) to flow and release blocked energetic spaces. I also practice energy healing using sounds and music to take you and your soul on your life’s journey and back. It is a shamanistic type of work where you are supported and loved while you allow your spirit to lead and move you during a session. As sometimes happens during an energy session, I may feel the presence of a guide or a loved one and I offer up any messages that come from that energy at the end of a session.

Teacher and Facilitator

Using guided meditation and music meditation are powerful ways of gaining insight about yourself, highest desires, passions, and ways to see those desires manifest. It is a gentle way of allowing your feeling body to lead versus your mental body, leaving your mind to rest. Yet, you are still conscious and aware from a more open space of being and space of gratitude where healing can happen.

I often use visualization, body scans and other meditative techniques to teach you or groups how to hold sacred space for yourself and develop your own spiritual practice.


Media/Speaker Bio


Regina is a Certified Professional Life Coach with over 10 years of academic and professional experience in higher education admissions, recruitment, and advising at the graduate and undergraduate levels. She is an Usui Reiki Master in energy healing, clairsentient intuitive, and intuitive oracle reader having received training from psychologist and healer Dr. Anne Reith. Her Reiki training began under traditional Reiki teacher Bruce Davis in the Usui Japanese Reiki tradition and completed as Reiki Master with Dr. Reith. Regina is a certified Voyager Tarot Reader trained in the Voyager Oracle Tarot with the creator of the Voyager system Dr. James Wanless. Regina uses Voyager as a holistic tool for creative life authoring and navigation for renewal and inspiration. Regina has also been spiritually mentored by Kabbalistic and biblical spiritual teacher Dr. Will Coleman out of Atlanta, Georgia. Regina has been a student, teacher, and advisor in meaningful, passionate, joyful living for the past six years. Regina has also taught courses in music making practices from various cultures, has taught human services courses in counseling and diversity as an adjunct instructor, and has been a performer of African and African diasporic cultures from Brazil, Haiti, and Cuba. Regina holds a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Xavier University (Cincinnati) and a master’s degree in Ethnomusicology from UCLA. When not helping to change the world one life at a time, Regina can be found in various dance classes, in the park, on the beach, and meditating in and around her new home in southern California.