Spiritual Life Coaching with Regina

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Tea, the desert, meditation, warm weather, dancing all add up to Freedom for me.

Life Coaching is a partnership between you and me as your coach where you are at the center of the relationship. It is based on an understanding that I am here to empower and inspire you to take action in your life. Clients come to a coaching session with particular concerns. Some of which include the following:

  • Lack of passion towards life; feeling hopeless about your dreams and goals

  • Having no defined goals or objectives for life, feeling your life has no purpose

  • Creating a balance of life; self-care

  • Transitioning through life challenges (work-related, personal, death, illness)

  • Holistic life practices that attend to the mind, body, and spirit.

Life Coaching helps you get clear on your goals and aspirations and how to put feet to the ground and move on what you want to bring your goals to life. I practice a creative and intuitive life navigation using a combination of energy healing, Voyager Tarot, meditation and conscious re-programming of negative self-talk and actions to positive, life-affirming actions towards your goals. I work with you to infuse your innate creativity into action steps that align with YOUR unique approach towards life.


I truly believe that you have everything in you right now to change the outlook and perspective on your life. All it takes is a change of thinking, a shift in perspective, a change in being, or doing to motivate you to take full responsibility for your life. Creativity in thought, words, and actions is at the heart of the approach of my practice. You will be encouraged to explore aspects of your creative self (which we all possess) to infuse your goals and desires. I offer my experience in the expressive and healing arts (movement/dance, sound/music, writing, intuitive guidance) and other expressive forms as ways to develop your own intuitive abilities and trust in your inner guidance.


Counseling vs. Coaching

Counseling focuses on addressing problems and circumstances that have caused significant emotional and mental impairment in an individual. Problems addressed may include past physical or sexual abuse, mood dysregulation, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, substance and behavioral addictions. Counseling is motivated by pain reduction and improving impairment and emotional stability by way of therapeutic inquiry (questioning, disputing “irrational thoughts”, stress reduction techniques). A counselor is typically one with a Master’s degree in a Counseling or Counseling related field who is licensed by the state to diagnose and treat the emotional conditions.


Coaching focuses on the present and is growth oriented. A coaching session is motivated by one’s passion and objectives for moving forward in their lives by using more direct approach strategies (i.e. goal setting). Coaching does not require making a diagnosis, but works with self-paying healthy individuals who are motivated to take responsibility for themselves. Progress in coaching is driven by the client’s motivation and desire to enhance their life. A Life Coach does not need to have a Master’s degree in Counseling or Coaching to work as a coach. 


I integrate my training in counseling and my training as a Certified Professional Life Coach to help define and solidify your passions and desires in your life. Further, my training in the intuitive spiritual practices (Reiki, Tarot, Spiritual Life Coaching), creative and expressive arts (movement, cultural expressive arts) informs how I deliver my practice to my clients.


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