Healing Journeys

Healing Journeys 

60 – 90 minute session – $150  In person in southern California

60  minute distance session – $150

Healing Journeys are where I use Reiki energy healing modality to assist in stress and pain reduction, and to provide calm and relaxation for the mind and body. Reiki is a subtle energy healing and intention based system which can be administered hands on or hand off. It is a complimentary form of healing that supports overall well-being with a focus on allowing universal life force energy (called “chi” or “ki”) to flow through me as a channel. You participate by setting your intention for healing and flow prior to the session and I align with your intentions for responsive healing and energy flow.


For these sessions, you will be lying on your back on a massage table, fully clothed, except for shoes, while I facilitate Reiki healing on specific points along your body. My sessions are silent sessions with the option of light reiki healing music in the background. The silence allows me to focus in on you and your energy and to be present to your body and what it is saying and what needs more focus for energetic healing. I’m also listening for messages from Spirit and any guides or ancestors who may show up during this session. I give what has been given to me for you at the end of the session. My energy practice is integrative in that I allow your energy to guide the healing session and offer any intuitive insights that I receive during the session.


Reiki (Ray-key) which means “universal life force energy” is a subtle healing system which can be defined as a spiritual healing system based on principles of Classical Chinese Medicine, Taoism, and Buddhist teachings. It is an intuitive and effective form of energy healing using spiritually guided life force energy. It is not a “medical” therapy, or a religion, although it does address our spiritual nature. You do not have to be Buddhist or Taoist to understand or to appreciate the practice.


For distance sessions, I facilitate the same session wherever you are located using a Reiki teddy bear substitute that acts as a stand in for your presence. I use the 60-90 minutes as a focused time on your intentions and on listening to where Spirit leads and directs me to focus for you. Distance sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions. I ask that during your session time, that you are in a space of calm and quiet and lying on your back for at least 60 minutes where I will align with your energy to facilitate the energy flow.


Contact me at regina@reginamsewell.com to schedule an appointment.

Regina  has a compassionate, patient, and professional manner giving guidance with clarity easily helping me to identify and deal with my issues. I could easily trust, and appreciate Regina’s insights and advice. I can recommend Regina to anyone that wants to experience rapid growth and achieve their life goals.

Julie Kasal

LMFT (California, USA)