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Create. Inspire. Live.

Hello and welcome. These three words are the foundation of who I am and what I do. I am a creative life navigator, spiritual development and personal growth coach, and energy healer. I have been guided through some significant life experiences to impart joy, inspiration, and well-being into the world. When I found this for myself, I was charged with the task of sharing it, teaching it, and most importantly being the joy and inspiration that I want to see in the world. As a coach and healer, I work with individuals helping you to creatively navigate the terrain called your life. I show you the art of turning obstacles into opportunities through meaningful and purposeful living. I am a confidence builder and life-authoring creative using my skills in coaching, counseling, and intuitive life guidance. Creating new practices that inspire you to want and to create a joy filled life journey regardless of your current circumstances. I have been led to explore and learn different methods to teach, to heal, and to show up with the highest intention and integrity.

My work is inclusive of individuals who have experienced the following:


  • Something’s missing and you’re not sure what. You’re just not enjoying life the way you think you should be.

  • You’ve placed your dreams on hold and you want to go for them again.

  • You feel stuck in a rut, in an emotional rat race

  • You’re making decisions out of fear and lack.

  • You’re an intuitive, healer, counselor, spiritual enthusiast who wants to integrate more self-care and spiritual development practices into your own life.

  • You want more confidence in yourself so you can show up bravely and in full authentic expression of who you are.

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I also offer Reiki healing sessions and Voyager Tarot readings in person in southern California or by phone or Skype. I’m also a creative, expressive, artistic, wanderlust at heart with a passion for esoteric spiritual practices and culturally inclusive expressions. Check out my blog posts scrolling below or click on the “For The Journey” blog link in the top menu for more insight on my creative expression.


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If you’re ready, let’s have a powerful conversation about the next great adventure of your life!


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What Are The Healing Arts?

Today's VLOG is an overview of the Healing Arts. Click Healing Arts Reference Guide to download the list of different healing arts practices. If you're interested in experiencing coaching and healing sessions, check out my Quick Start Coaching program for more...
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Feeling Orange When All Else is Blue: Feeling and Expressing Your Way

Feeling Orange But Sometimes Blue is the title of the second studio album from artist Ledisi. The title itself is a spinoff from Kind of Blue, one of Miles Davis’ most iconic jazz recordings. I’m often inspired by music and the connections to life experiences that...
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“Re-Membering” Pain: An Experience of Transcendence

Re-Creating and Re-Membering Emotional Pain

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I Forgive You Lessons from the Brick and Mortar

       Nayla Kidd Last week, an article on former Columbia University student Nayla Kidd, made the headlines...again. This time after two weeks of the cops searching and her mother worrying, Nayla was found alive and well in New York City. She had...
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“She’s So Sweet, Sugar Runs From Her Lips”: The Sweet Life of Anna Mae

My mother said this statement several years ago commenting on a television program:“She’s so sweet, she thinks sugar runs from her lips.” I had no clue what she was talking about. I had to break it down slowly for myself.…sweet (maybe she thinks she’s too...
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Tis The Gift to Say No

Saying no is an invaluable self-care practice for creating focus, reinforcing values and strengthening confidence.
Saying no creates a sacred container to do your most valuable work, develop your most fulfilling relationships and design a life of otherwise incomparable satisfaction.
Saying no filters out people, practices and experiences that don’t support your highest and best good. – L’Erin Alta

Saying no needs no explanation, apology or justification. Your decision is sufficient.

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The Power of Beautiful Things!   Regina M. Sewell Healing Arts In this video, I share the importance of creating the space for beauty in your life and how it affects your perspective, feelings, and...
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My Five “Whys” for My Healing Arts Business

I’ve wrestled with the sustainability of an endeavor such as working in the counseling, coaching, and healing worlds. Voices and messages regarding this work often sound similar and engage similar clientele. I wrote about this to a friend in a previous blog and that...
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What We Already Know: The Prescribed Path vs. The Created Path

What We Already Know: The Prescribed Path vs. The Created Path August 26, 2016 - From a Conversation with a Friend Today, while sitting with my friend, Spirit showed Itself in a major way. And really, I showed up. My friend and I realized how much success we have had...
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Obsessed With Happiness? (My Mind’s Telling Me No…)

Some days as I scroll through my social media feeds, I am encouraged by the onslaught of positive, life-affirming messages provided by a list of self-subscribed life coaches, psychologists, counselors, personal trainers, healers, shamans, magicians, you name it...
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